hard liquor and food prep; a memoir of a broke twenty something.

It’s not often after biting into something I’ve [somewhat] created, that I immediately feel the need to run to the closest mirror mid-bite, check myself out and say, “Damn gurl, you hot.” But with the recipe I fixed up and will rave about today, I felt compelled to do just that. I may have actually done it but my memory is a bit hazy;… Continue reading hard liquor and food prep; a memoir of a broke twenty something.

Warning: this post contains nuts.

I’ve got balls on the brain. Yes, you read that correctly. Balls. I feel like there’s a stigma around edible ball-shaped objects. For obvious reasons, yes. So as a preemptive precaution, please watch this tasteful SNL skit to get the obvious ball jokes out of the way. I absolutely suck at waking up to an… Continue reading Warning: this post contains nuts.

I falafel about not doing this earlier.

Well I already failed the New Years resolution that was updating this beast twice a month. My excuses this month include: February is short, February sucks, I went on vacation, I was busy as fudge, and February sucks. Meh, I deem those ‘explanations’ all valid and forgivable. When I moved to Chicago a year ago,… Continue reading I falafel about not doing this earlier.

Man, I feel like a woman.

This winter has sucked. Don’t get me wrong, snow is beautiful. I like layers of clothing. I like hot soups and beverages. However, it’s been so cold, I don’t think I’ve had proper circulation to my toes in the last 48 hours and for that, I am grumpy. My standard catalyst for grumpiness-alleviation is food… Continue reading Man, I feel like a woman.

Wrap it up

I have to be honest, I haven’t been home enough lately to bother doing any legitimate meal prep (yes, I know, excuses are like armpits and they stink). For this post, we are going to take a little trip in my hypothetical time machine to a nicer, warmer, more kitchen-filled time. Speaking of le kitchen,… Continue reading Wrap it up

It’s not so bad being trendy…

I guess Friday has unofficially become my official HEY DUMMY, WRITE A BLOG POST TODAY day. As Rebecca Black once said, “Gotta get down on Friday.” Therefore, GO GO GADGET BLOG POST! Merrr, it’s Friday (clearly) and I’m currently sitting in my kitchen, wide awake at 10:15 am. I’ve already grocery shopped and made a… Continue reading It’s not so bad being trendy…

New Years Resolution: Engaged!

Oh gawd, I didn’t even think about it until after I named this post that someone might read JUST the title and assume that I am engaged and/or trying to achieve that. All I can say is no. Just, NO. Blasphemy. Ha, on second thought though, I don’t think anyone would assume that of me. Sooooo… Continue reading New Years Resolution: Engaged!